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CEO message

Hello! Thanks for visiting MEGA PLUS DONGJIN Co., Ltd’s home page.

We Megaplus Dong Jin Precision Co. make all out efforts to meet requirement of our customers in the design, development and production of Solid Carbide Tools (Ball and flat end mill, Drill, Corner radius end mill, Drill, Center drill, Broach Reamer, Coolant through drill ). Our products are recognized No.1 quality in Korea for high speed and heavy loaded machining. This reputation has been achieved through our long experience with job shop machining and technology development since the year of 1992. Our products are supplied to major automobile components machining companies, and precision Die and mould machining for automobile, semiconductor, mobile phone and PCB base plate. We will do our best to keep higher quality and technology for our products to meet customers’ demand, and will have been in pursuit of globalization with No.1 quality of Megaplus End Mill and Drill.

CEO.   Seong Jin, Park