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A Series

It has excellent wear resistance for high speed cutting on hardened steel(up to HRC50) & general steel. Especially, it is good
on materials such as SCM, SKD61, NAK. It can be used in machining of mobile mold, electronics mold, semi-conductor parts and auto-parts.

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Products photo Products name Model name
Rib Ball End Mill(2F) AH-RB
 Rib Flat End Mill(2F)  AH-RF
 Rib Flat End Mill(4F)  AH4-RF
 Rib Nose Radius End Mill(2F)  AH-RNR
  Rib Nose Radius End Mill(4F) AH4- RNR
Nose Radius End Mill(2F)  AH-NR
 Nose Radius End Mill(4F) AH4- NR
Long Nose Radius End Mill(2F) AH-NRL
 Long Nose Radius End Mill(4F) AH4-NRL
Ball End Mill(2F) AH-BA
Long Ball End Mill(2F)  AH-BAL
Extra  Long Ball End Mill(2F)   AH-BAXL
 Long Shank Ball End Mill(2F)   AH-BALS
Flat End Mill(2F)    AH-FL
 Flat End Mill(4F)    AH4-FL
Long Flat End Mill(2F)    AH-FLL
 Long Flat End Mill(4F)     AH4-FLL
Extra Long Flat End Mill(2F)  AH-FLXL
Taper Neck Ball End Mill(2F) AH-TNB
 Taper Ball End Mill(2F)  AH-TB
  Taper Flat End Mill(2F)  AH-TF
  Taper Flat End Mill(4F)  AH4-TF