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W Series

It is a new product and has excellent wear resistance for high speed cutting on hardened steel(up to HRC70). Especially, it is good at efficient and quality machining on materials, such as STAVAX, SKD11, SKH.
It can be used in machining of mobile mold, electronics mold, semi-conductor parts, auto-parts.
The tool life is so long that unattened automation is possible.

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Products photo Products name Model name
Rib Ball End Mill(2F) WH-RB
Rib Flat End Mill(2F) WH-RF
Rib Nose Radius End mill(2F) WH-RNR
Rib Nose Radius End mill(4F) WH4-RNR
Nose Radius End Mill(2F) WH-NR
Nose Radius End Mill(4F) WH4-NR
Ball End Mill(2F) WH-BA
Flat End Mill(2F) WH-FL
Flat End Mill(4F) WH4-FL
Power Flat End Mill(6F) WH6-PFL
Taper Neck Ball End Mill(2F) WH-TNB
Taper Ball End Mill(2F) WH-TB
Taper Flat End Mill(2F) WH-TF