Feature of End Mill Series


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R/M.D/R Series Feature of R/M, D/R Series
Broach Reamer

1. As designed by left hand flute, chip will be evacuated to front side and the product can do a guide during process.
So it is excellent in straightness, tolerance and surface roughness. It is suitable for guide hole machining of mobile mold, electronics mold and auto-parts mold.
2. In case of deep hole machining, this is the only tool which can replace grinding process.
By adoption of the eccentric technology on cutting edge, there is no trembling at the first step of machining and so it limits run-out and is suitable for long time machining.

Solid Center Drill

As a carbide drill, it can be placed to the exact point and make high precision hole, you can do high speed machining during center-processing so that you can save time and cost.

Solid NC Drill

It can be placed to the exact point and used for making hole chamfer, edge chamfer and engraving.
It can be used for multi-purpose and long time machining.

Solid  Drill

It can make holes without centering process.
And by making short chips, it can be used for deep hole making with high speed and long tool life.